33 days to go! Here’s beers 09 & 10

New in from Sandstone Brewery in Wrexham for our Crewe Rail Ale Festival #CRAF in 33 days are the following;

Peanut Butter Milk Stout at 5.5%. Based on a classic stout recipe with their own choice of hops, this is a dark, smooth and creamy beer.

Lemon Edge is 4.1% with a refreshing hint of lemon which compliments the IPA base.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sponsor one of our casks for only £50 which includes an advertisement in the programme. Click here for more information.

Crewe Rail Ale Festival takes place at the Crewe Heritage Centre on Friday 14th (noon – 11pm £3), Saturday 15th (11am – 10pm £3) and Sunday 16th September (noon – 3pm free entry). There are no advance tickets, pay on the door.

Website by MichelleShipman.org.

peanut butter milk stout early.jpg

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