Beer Announcements 03 & 04

We are excited to welcome back Lymestone Brewery from Stone in Staffordshire to Crewe Rail Ale Festival #CRAF.

First up is Ein Stein at 5%, a golden ale. A lingering combination of pale Maris Otter malts and choice German hops may make you pause for thought. So why is Mr Einstein on the pump clip? It’s not rocket science… but it is thinking drinking.

Second in the lineup from Lymestone is Stone Brood, a honey beer at 4.4%. Made with the honey from the Lymestone bees who live on the roof of the brewery making the sweetest honey. This is a rich dark beer where velvety chocolate gives way to a balanced bittersweet finish.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sponsor one of our casks for only £50 which includes an advertisement in the programme. Click here for more information.

Crewe Rail Ale Festival takes place at the Crewe Heritage Centre on Friday 14th (noon – 11pm £3), Saturday 15th (11am – 10pm £3) and Sunday 16th September (noon – 3pm free entry). There are no advance tickets, pay on the door.

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